SAHM Exposure Visit

The exposure visit or industrial visit organized by the School of Arts Humanities and Management (SAHM) of JU aims to provide participants with firsthand experience and insights into various industrial or organizational settings related to home management. The content of such visits is designed to be objective, informative, and educational, focusing on several key aspects.

Industry Insights

Participants gain a deep understanding of the industry or sector being visited, including its history, current status, challenges, and future trends. This could include industries related to home appliances, interior design, home maintenance services, or any other relevant sector.

Operational Processes

The visit involves a guided tour of the facilities, allowing participants to observe the operational processes involved in manufacturing, production, or service delivery. This includes understanding the machinery, technology, and workflow employed in the industry.

Quality Standards

Emphasis is placed on the quality standards maintained by the industry, including certifications, compliance with regulations, and adherence to best practices. Participants learn about the importance of quality control and assurance in home management-related products or services.

Innovation and Technology

The visit showcases innovations and technological advancements relevant to home management. This could involve demonstrations of new products, techniques, or software used to enhance efficiency, sustainability, or convenience in home-related tasks.

Networking Opportunities

SAHM-organized visits often facilitate networking opportunities for participants, allowing them to interact with industry professionals, experts, and peers. This enables knowledge exchange, career exploration, and potential collaborations

Educational Enhancement

The content is curated to align with the educational objectives of SAHM, enhancing participants’ knowledge and skills in home management-related areas. This could include curriculum-relevant topics such as budgeting, home organization, sustainable living practices, or effective communication in domestic settings

Feedback and Reflection

Following the visit, participants are encouraged to provide feedback and reflect on their experiences. This enables SAHM to continually improve the effectiveness of its programs and tailor future visits to better meet the needs and interests of its members.

Farm Guru - Sozhavaram

Eco Kitchen - Enjambakkam

Times of India - Sohzhinganellur


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