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முனைவர் ப. மணிகண்டன்

இணைப்பேராசிரியர், தமிழ்த்துறை

பெரம்பலூர் பாரதிதாசன் பல்கலைக்கழக உறுப்புக்கல்லூரியில் (தற்போது அரசுக் கலைக்கல்லூரி) இளங்கலை தமிழ்(பி.லிட்) இலக்கியத்தையும் 2010-13, திருச்சி பாரதிதாசன் பல்கலைக்கழகத் (தமிழியல் துறையில்) முதுகலை (எம்.ஏ), ஆய்வியல் நிறைஞரையும்(எம்.பில்) 2013-15, 2015-16, திருச்சி பாரதிதாசன் பல்கலைக்கழக (பாரதிதாசன் உயராய்வு மையத்தில்) முனைவர் பட்டம் (பி.ஹெச்.டி) 2017-21 நிறைவு செய்துள்ளார். தேசிய விரிவுரையாளர் தேர்வில் (2018, 2019) இரண்டு முறையும், தமிழ்நாடு விரிவுரையாளர் தேர்வில் (2017) ஒரு முறையும் தேர்ச்சிப் பெற்றுள்ளார்.

Dr.J.Arthy M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D, B.Ed

Assistant Professor

Dr. J. Arthy joined Jeppiaar University as an Assistant professor in 2023. She completed her Master's degrees in Philosophy and Science at Madras Christian College in Chennai. She has completed her doctorate in philosophy (Ph. D) at Mother Theresa Women's University, Kodaikanal. She has authored multiple publications, and she specializes in Operation Research and Graph Labelling. She has worked as an Assistant Professor in the Engineering and Arts and Science colleges for the preceding eleven years. Her areas of expertise include teaching Discrete Mathematics, Random Processes, Engineering Mathematics, and Numerical Methods.


Assistant Professor in CSE

Mr. K. Rajaram is achieving 22 years of Teaching & Learning, including 8 years of International exposure and successfully administered various academic processes, in different capacity, including Chairman Course and exam committee, Head of the department, ISO-QMS Auditor, Coordinator assessment and accreditation process of ISO, NAAC, NBA. He has enthusiastically participated and organized various workshops and seminars in both fundamentals and advanced courses. Also participated and presented a paper in National and International conferences. He has successfully motivated and counselled his students in academic and non-academic activities and also to excel in their career.

Mr.Thiyagarajan.C B.E , M.E

Assistant Professor

Mr.Thiyagarajan.C joined Assistant Professor at the School of Engineering and Technology at Jeppiaar University, Chennai, completed his B.E(2013) and M.E(2015) in Computer Science and Engineering from Anna University and pursuing his Ph.D. at Jeppiaar University. He has participated and organized various workshops, FDP, events and conferences. His research interests are centered around Cloud Computing, IoT,and Machine Learning.


Assistant Professor

Kayalvizhi S is a committed professional in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. She holds a Bachelor's degree from RMD Engineering College, a Master's degree from SSN College of Engineering, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Anna University. With over two years of experience, she is actively contributing as a Junior Research Fellow on a DST-funded project and has secured a patent for an automated depression detection system. Kayalvizhi has an extensive publication record, achieving an H-index of 5 with 121 citations. In her role as an Assistant Professor at Jeppiaar University for a year, she specializes in machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, web development, and documentation.


Assistant Professor

T. Subha Rathi Priya joined Jeppiaar University as an Assistant Professor in the year 2023. She is pursuing a Ph.D. and completed her degree M.E from Anna University. She has 7 years of teaching experience and handled classes in engineering and technology. Her area of interest includes Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security. She worked as a project coordinator and currently, she is our exam coordinator in the School of Engineering and Technology.


Assistant Professor

Mrs. Dalphin Mary. F is an Assistant Professor at the School of Engineering & Technology, Jeppiaar University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She has completed an M.E (VLSI design) from Jeppiaar Engineering College affiliated with Anna University with a rank holder. She has completed her B.E from St. Xavier catholic college of Engineering affiliated with Anna University. She is pursuing her Ph.D. at Jeppiaar University. She has 6 years of experience in the teaching field. she published a journal in the Scopus index. She has presented papers at many national and international conferences.

Mrs.Girija M M.E(CSE)

Assistant Professor

Girija M, an Assistant Professor in the School of Engineering Technology at Jeppiaar University, pursuing her Ph.D. at Jeppiaar University, holds a Master's degree in Computer Science Engineering. Her expertise in web development and IT seamlessly complements her role as an educator. With experience in leading web projects, she excels in team management, applying this skill in academia. She believes in simplifying technology for students through real-world examples, thus creating engaging learning experiences. Committed to continuous learning, her goal is to align academic knowledge with industry needs, preparing students for successful careers in the tech industry.


Assistant Professor

She joined Jeppiaar University as an Assistant Professor of Engineering and Technology in the year 2023. She is pursuing a Ph.D. at Jeppiaar University and has completed her M.E and B.Tech affiliated with Anna University. She has 5 years of teaching experience and handled classes in Engineering and Technology. Her area of interest is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Committed to fostering a dynamic and inclusive learning environment, incorporates to engage and inspire students. She believes in nurturing critical thinking skills and encouraging students to apply theoretical concepts to practical scenarios. She published a paper at the IEEE International conference.

Mrs. P. Rajalaksmi M.E(CSE)

Assistant Professor

Mrs. P. Rajalakshmi joined as an Assistant Professor at Jeppiaar University in the year 2023. She has completed her Masters in Computer Science Engineering from Sathyabama University. Before that, she completed her Master's in Computer Applications as well. She has great exposure to various cutting-edge technologies. She has completed certifications in JAVA, Oracle, and Mainframe technologies. She is a dedicated, resourceful, and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the academic growth and development of every student.


Assistant Professor

S. Kathirvizhi joined Jeppiaar University as an assistant professor in the year 2023. She is pursuing a Ph.D. and completed her M.Phil & M.Sc from Madras University. She has 10 years of teaching experience and handled classes in engineering, arts, and science. her area of interest includes graph theory, differential equation, and statistics. She was a coordinator for cultural and symposium events and assisted as timetable coordinator.


Assistant Professor

Joined as Assistant Professor in Jeppiaar University as Assistant Professor in the Year 2023. She Is Pursuing a Ph.D. in SRM Institute of Science and Technology and Completed M.E and B.E from the college SRI Ram Engineering College. She has 2 Years of experience in Saveetha School of Engineering. Her area of interest is Networking, Cloud Computing, and Shortest Path Algorithms. Publications:6 FDP: 8 Workshop: 13 International Conference : 3


Assistant Professor

PRIYENGA.S.L Joined as Assistant Professor in Jeppiaar University in the Year 2023.she completed M.E in MNM JAIN COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING and Master of software Technology (5 years integrated) in NOORUL ISLAM COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING. she is committed to teaching and mentoring students,contributing to their academic and professional development

Mrs. C.R.Selva Uma M.E (CSE)

Assistant Professor

Selva Uma joined Jeppiaar University as an Assistant Professor in 2024. She completed her Master of Engineering (M.E.) degree from Anna University. With extensive experience in web application development, She specializes in front-end development using React.js. Her professional interests include creating intuitive and responsive user interfaces, optimizing web performance, and integrating modern web technologies. In addition to her technical expertise, She is passionate about mentoring students and fostering innovation in the field of web development.

Mr. Abiram RT. M.E(CSE)

Assistant Professor

Mr. Abiram RT holds the esteemed position of Assistant Professor within the School of Engineering and Technology at Jeppiaar University, located in Chennai. He attained his Bachelor of Technology degree in 2021 and subsequently pursued his Master of Engineering degree in 2023, specializing in Computer Science and Engineering at Jeppiaar Engineering College, Chennai. Demonstrating unwavering dedication, he is resolutely devoted to the pedagogical and mentorship roles, thereby enriching the academic and professional progression of students, with a particular emphasis on the domains of Quality Assurance, Data Science, and Machine Learning

Mr.Raja Raman.S M.A, M.Phil

Assistant Professor

A passionate English Teacher with four years of teaching experience specializing in the areas of English Language Teaching, British Literature and American Literature. He is currently working as an Assistant Professor of English, School of Engineering and Technology, Jeppiaar University. Earned his Bachelor’s, Master’s and M.Phil in English Literature from University of Madras. To his credit, he has published four research articles in UGC Care and one article in a scopus journal. He has also co-authored a book titled “Communication skills for Professional Success”


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