JU offers Career and Skill Development helps to identify the interests and capabilities of students concerning their career goals and academic progression.
JU maintains a high standard of teaching and provides unique learning opportunities for students. It ensures one faculty for every twelve students for holistic development of the student. An enabling international environment is created through foreign faculty visits, diversity of students, and bilateral student mobility programs.

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Career Development Center (CDC)

CDC helps to identify the interest and capabilities of students in relation to their career goals and academic progression. The students are encouraged to pursue their passion. Intensive coaching and training is provided in personality development and in shaping their leadership qualities. For job placement, intense training is provided in areas like facing aptitude tests, group discussions and interviewing. Special emphasis is laid on developing soft skills like communication, presentation, team working, building positive attitude and networking. The students opting for higher studies are guided in identifying their areas of specialization, the choice of country and institution, application process and preparation for qualifying examinations.

Center for Skill Development (CSD)

CSD helps to enhance the employability skills of students. It does this by assessing the skills demand of the corporate sector and develops appropriate training programs. A dedicated Testing Center, Prometric Testing Center and Certiport Testing Center operate within the university campus, to prepare students appearing for global certification examinations. Certification programs are offered in partnership with SALESFORCE, SAP, Cisco and Microsoft. Students can also make use of infrastructure and computing facilities to take up professional certifications on Oracle, JAVA, Auto CADD, CADD etc. The training and certifications enhance the professional competence and practical application of the students. Their job prospects improve and the students become better placed to perform at the work place. CSD also provides a platform for students to prepare for exams required for various higher educations.


Peter Matthews

B.Sc. Forensic Science

“I’ve met some of my best friends through living on campus. It was a really great way to understand the community and integrate myself into it. ”


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