SAHM Experiential & Outbound Trainings

Experiential and Out bound Trainings at SAHM renders a focus on hands-on learning experiences and activities conducted outside the typical classroom environment. Here’s a breakdown of potential content for our training sessions:

Experiential Learning Activities

Outdoor Team Building Exercises: Activities designed to promote teamwork, communication, and leadership skills in an outdoor setting.

   – Simulation Games: Business or management simulations where participants make decisions in a simulated environment to learn about real-world challenges and consequences.

   – Role-Playing Scenarios: Acting out various business situations to practice problem-solving, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills.

   – Case Studies: Analyzing real-world cases to understand complex business problems and develop strategic solutions.

   – Field Trips: Visits to relevant businesses, industries, or organizations to gain firsthand insights into their operations and management practices.

Out bound Training Programs:

   – Leadership Retreats: Intensive training programs focusing on leadership development, personal growth, and self-awareness.

   – Outdoor Adventure Courses: Wilderness or adventure-based programs aimed at fostering resilience, risk-taking, and decision-making skills.

   – International Exchanges: Opportunities for students to participate in study abroad programs, cultural exchanges, or international internships to gain global perspectives and cross-cultural competencies.

   – Industry Immersion Programs: Experiential learning opportunities within specific industries or sectors, such as internships, externships, or apprenticeships.

   – Community Service Projects: Collaborative initiatives with local communities or nonprofit organizations to address social, environmental, or economic challenges while developing teamwork and empathy.

Content Focus Areas:

Leadership Development: Activities and exercises focused on developing leadership qualities, such as communication, decision-making, and emotional intelligence.

   – Team Building: Challenges and exercises designed to build trust, enhance collaboration, and improve team dynamics.

   – Problem Solving and Innovation: Creative activities and workshops aimed at developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovation skills.

   – Personal Development: Workshops and coaching sessions focusing on self-awareness, goal setting, time management, and personal effectiveness.

   – Industry-Specific Training: Tailored programs addressing the unique challenges and requirements of specific industries or sectors, such as healthcare, technology, finance, or hospitality.

Assessment and Feedback:

   – Reflection and Debriefing: Structured discussions or reflective exercises following experiential activities to facilitate learning and insights.

   – Feedback Mechanisms: Providing constructive feedback to participants on their performance, behaviours, and areas for improvement.

   – Assessment Tools: Utilizing assessments, surveys, or self-evaluations to gauge participants’ learning outcomes, skill development, and overall satisfaction with the training programs

On the whole, the experiential and Out bound trainings of SAHM is designed to provide participants with practical skills, real-world insights, and transformative learning experiences that complement and enhance their academic studies and professional development


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