Industrial Visit and Training Session on Questioned Document Examination

We had three sections: the first section covered the company overview and their products, the next focused on Plotbot Plus, and the final section was about Plotbot Pro, including a demonstration of how the machine works. The company specialises in manufacturing machines used for cutting and embroidering, offering two models: Plotbot Plus and Plotbot Pro. During the session, they explained the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), starting with the designing phase, where they use the Fiverr app—an open-source platform. They provided details about the Fiverr app and how to use it for design. Additionally, they taught us about coding languages such as C++ and QT. Notably, Plotbot Plus is larger than Plotbot Pro, with five motors compared to the latter’s four. They also mentioned that Plotbot Plus releases less smoke than Plotbot Pro. Finally, we had a demo where they showcased the machine’s capabilities by creating a cute Mickey Mouse, which was both impressive and enjoyable. Overall, the session was excellent and informative.